Dota 2: Guide on Abilities of Brewmaster

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Brewmaster is a melee-attack type hero in Dota 2, well-known for his strength and ability of crowd control. Brewmaster is a durable heor that can be played in a number of roles like; Initiator, ganker, and also nuker.

Here is a quick overview of the abilities enchanted by Brewmaster.

Dota 2: Abilities of Brewmaster

  • Thunder Clap

By using the ability, the hero slams his fist over the ground, creating a small void that slows down enemy units within range. Such enemies are very vulnerable to external attacks.

  • Cinder Crew

It is a magical ability by the Brewmaster that drenches itself and area into Alcohol. The victims of alcohol start moving slowly and get ignited when dealt with spell damage.

  • Drunken Brawler

The ability allows him to get passive bonuses when used it. There are two sub-categories of Drunken Brawler; Earth Brawler and Fire Brawler

Earth Brawler: Grants 1 armor and 5% Magic Resistance. Bonuses are 3x when Brewed Up.

Fire Brawler: Grants a 24% chance to critical strike for 145% of your attack damage. Chance is 3x when Brewed Up.

Storm Brawler: Grants 15% evasion and 5% Bonus Move Speed. Bonuses are 3x when Brewed Up.

  • Primal Split

The primal split splits the hero into other three specialized warriors. Each of those warriors has their own special powers. This ability is also used for the reborn of Brewmaster. If one of the warriors survives till their end timespan, Brewmaster is reborn.

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Dota 2 officially describes Brewmaster as

"A fearsome fighter in any situation, Brewmaster can turn the tide of battle by splitting into three elemental spirits, each with their own unique abilities. When not divided, he brings drunken chaos to his foes with slowing claps and powerful swings of his staff."

Given is an outlook of the abilities of Brewmaster. However, the actuality is a lot more different than this. Be sure to spend your time with it and get acquitted with its powers.