Dota 2: Guide on Abilities of Bloodseeker

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Bloodseeker is a melee attack type, agility class playable hero in Dota 2, known for his ability of movement speed when chasing low-health enemy units. Here are some tips on abilities to consider while playing as Bloodseeker in Dota 2.

Dota 2: Abilities of Bloodseeker

Bloodseeker is a string ganker and assassin. As he is better at taking down low-health units, it is the best choice to use against enemies with many heroes, relying on healing for survival.

  • Bloodrage

The esteemed ability enrages the Blood seeker into a hungry beast that attacks with enhanced speed. Even though the ability deals high damage, it also takes out a percentage of Hero’s health.

Bloodrage has a shard ability upgrade that deals 1.8% additional damage to enemy units.

  • Blood Rite

Blood Rite is a point target pure ability, that creates a circle of sacred blood. After the completion of the Ritual, the victims of it take damage in the silenced area.

  • Thirst

As the name suggests, Thirst is the thirsty passive ability that increases a hero’s speed and attacks mobility when enemy heroes are low on their health.

  • Rupture

It is an ultimate ability of Bloodseeker, that causes an enemy hero to take damage over time based on how much health they are missing, while also making them unable to heal or regenerate health. If they move, they take additional damage vis-a-vis the distance moved.

  • Bloodmist

Here hero keeps on spreading magical blood, that damages himself but also affects the enemy’s health, speed, and mobility.

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This is how Dots 2 officially describes Bloodseeker:

"Bloodseeker forces difficult decisions on his enemies. Able to drive his foes to a retreat by bathing a large area with a damaging ritual, his gruesome ultimate asks his opponents to hold still, or die."

In final words, Bloodseeker’s abilities grant him a wide range of versatility and usefulness, rendering him a strong choice in many team compositions.