Dota 2: Strategy and Tips to use Alchemist effectively

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Alchemist is a strength hero in Dota 2. He is known for his versatility and ability to farm and deal sustained damage. He can be played in various roles, including as a carry, a midlaner, and even as a support hero.

As he is well known for his farming and damage-bearing abilities, here are some of the tips to consider while using Alchemist in Dota 2.

Dota 2: Strategy to use Alchemist

  • Acid Spray
  • Greevil’s Greed
  • Chemical Rage
  • Unstable Concoction

Here are a few strategies you can use when playing as Alchemist

  1. Alchemist is considered a stronger laner, who is perfect for disrupting enemy heroes and reigns supreme at farming. Using the Acid Spray ability here will allow you to clear creep waves and deny enemy heroes to farm. Here Greevil’s Greed ability can be used. This is Alchemist’s passive ability, which grants him bonus gold and experience points for each unit he eliminates.
  2. Sustained damage: Alchemist’s Chemical Rage ability gives him bonus attack speed, health regeneration, and movement speed, making him a very well-formed hero in extended team fights. Use this ability to deal sustained damage to enemy heroes and tanks.
  3. Disrupt Enemy positions: Dota 2 has an Unstable Concoction ability for team fight initiation. Employ this ability to throw off the positioning of your enemies and create opportunities for your team to secure kills
  4. Immunity: This can be termed as an ability that allows Alchemist to sustain any physical damage, and even turn it into health when he is close to death. This makes it difficult to take down this hero, allowing him to be a durable presence in team fights.

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To sum up, Alchemist is a wonderful hero who excels at farming, sustained damage, and team fight initiation. To play him effectively, it’s important to focus on the strengths mentioned above and build items that increase his damage and enhances survivability.