Dota 2: Guide on Bounty Hunter Abilities

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Bounty Hunter is an agility class playable hero in Dota 2, well known for his Escape potential and excellent ability to track enemy units or heroes. Bounty Hunter is very well-versed at tracking enemies and ganking them, hence players prefer him in their teams.

Getting familiar with their abilities is a very crucial notion to appraise before playing Bounty Hunter in the game Dota 2. Here is a quick guide on it.

This is how Dota 2 describes Bounty Hunter officially

"Sneaking invisibly at the heels of his enemies, Bounty Hunter is always keeping track of his foes. Whenever one of his targets falls in battle, he and his allies stand to make quite a profit."

Dota 2: Guide on Abilities of Bounty Hunter

  • Shuriken Toss

It is a magical type ability that allows him to throw a shuriken toward the enemy units. The Shuriken thrown deals damage to units and also acts like a stun grenade.

  • Jinada

In actuality, Jinada means to pass through. And the Jinada here is a physical type ability that passes through the enemy and steals some of the gold.

  • Shadow Walk

By using this ability, Bounty Hunter turns himself into an invisible machine, with no arms. This is because the invisibility ability is broken with his attack. However, this ability enables him to pass through the units.

  • Track

This is an ability that empowers the hero to track down enemy heroes, as well as the resources like Gold and Experience. In such a scenario, Bounty Hunter moves faster than usual, and also strikes units with greater damage.

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In summing up, Bounty Hunter is an extraordinary hero, which has stuffed himself into a formidable agility class hero. When playing as Bounty Hunter, utilizing his invisibility to traverse the map and plan ambushes is crucial. Anticipate enemy movements and position yourself accordingly to effectively execute your abilities.