Dota 2: Here is a quick guide on Beastmaster abilities

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Beastmaster is a melee-playable hero in Dota 2, known for his exceptional strength. His high strength and ability to summon allies to make him a formidable hero in Dota 2. Beastmaster is an extraordinary hero who can be played in numerous roles; Initiator, Nuker, or Disabler.

Going through a quick guide may give most players a brief idea about the strength and weaknesses of the hero. Such ideas are very crucial in strategy-based games like Dota 2.

Dota 2: Abilities of Beastmaster

  • Wild Axes

This ability works like a boomerang, that enables the hero to throw his axes and call them back. The axes slash everything that crosses their path. There are two axes that he can flip, and each axe can hit a unit once.

  • Call of the Wild Boar

It is like a beast calling another beast. Beastmaster calls out a wild boar for assistance in battle, the summoned Boar has a poison ability, that slows down enemy attack speed and movement.

  • Call of the Scout Hawk

Just like wild boar, Beastmaster calls out a hawk to secretly spy on the field. The summoned hawk is invisible to enemy units.

Hawk is given a shard ability upgrade, which gives it the power to dash and dive. It dives bombs the enemy units.

  • Inner Beast

Inner Beast is a passive ability, that Unleashes the hidden rage within nearby allies, passively boosting their attack speed.

  • Primal Roar

Primal Roar is an ultimate ability that damages the path in which the hero has sent its roaring frequencies. While the units not damaged aside are slowed down.

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Dota 2, officially describes Beastmaster as:

"Summoning a poison-spitting boar and a scouting hawk to aid his hunt, Beastmaster never stalks the battlefield unprepared. Chopping through the forest with his axes, his stunning roar opens the way for his allies to devastate enemies."

Given is the idea of abilities possessed by Beastmaster in Dota 2.