Dota 2: Guide on Disabler Hero Bane

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Bane is a disabler melee strength hero in the MOBA video Game Dota 2, that has strong crowd control abilities and high single-target damage output.

The official handle of Dota 2 correctly describes Bane:

"Bane brings terror to his enemies with his arsenal of disabling abilities. Whether trapping a foe within a contagious nightmare or gripping an enemy in place, he gives allies all the time they need to slay their enemy."

Here is a guide on Bane to use it effectively.

Abilities of Bane

  • Brain Sap: Deals damage and also heals Bane

Learn to use Brain Sap: It is Bane’s most crucial ability. This ability is very important in dealing heavy damage and heal own hero. Use it to initiate a fight, eliminate an enemy, or stop an enemy from using any special ability.

  • Nightmare: Puts the enemies into a deep sleep. They are awakened by enduring damage

Nightmare ability can be used when an enemy hero seems to be very dominating. This will sleep him for a period, giving us a small fraction to deal with our health and other issues on the battlefield.

  • Enfeeble: Lowers the enemy’s total attack damage, cast range, and healing power

As Bane is a disabler hero, this ability can be used to disrupt enemies in action, along with it use it to take out these key targets and disrupt the enemy team’s tactics.

  • Fiend’s Grip: Grips an enemy, disables it and causes heavy damage to it during the ability range

Another amazing feature of a disabler cum support hero. The same tactic goes right here. Use it to disable and grip such heroes, which seems to be changing the course of the match.

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When playing as Bane in Dota 2, there are a few key strategies that can help you make the most of his abilities and strengths. By following these strategies, you can make the most of Bane’s abilities and play a key role in your team’s success.