Dota 2: Powerful Strategies and Tips to use Abaddon

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Abaddon is a support hero in Dota 2 who excels at providing protection to his allies and dishing out sustained damage over time. Dota 2 has equipped Abaddon with numerous abilities, allowing him to control the enemy’s speed and momentum, keep allies alive by healing, and deal high damage.

Abaddon is a multiskilled hero, which can be played in multiple roles. However, most players prefer him as a support hero.

Abilities of Abaddon

  • Aphotic Shield
  • Curse of Avernus
  • Mist Coil
  • Borrowed Time

Here are a few strategies you can use when playing as Abaddon


As mentioned earlier, most players prefer Abaddon as a support hero. Therefore, the esteemed tip is for a support hero. Being supportive, it is important for him to place himself where he is able to keep allies safe, along with deranging enemy squads. Hence, the best-suited position for him is at the front line, close to ally forces.

Healing power

Abaddon’s Aphotic Shield ability allows him to shield allies, and when the shield is broken the special power heals the target for a portion of the damage it absorbed. This makes him an important hero to keep forces shielded.

Reducing enemy speed

Abaddon is given a special spell that will slow down the speed of enemy forces, and slow their attacking speed, hence making him a powerful tool force controller. Players are advised to use this ability cautiously in range.

Mist Coil Ability

Abaddon’s other special ability is the mist coil. When Abaddon attacks enemies, the attack hits one of them and bounces back to another foe. This ability surely is very helpful in crowd forces.

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In Conclusion

Final thoughts say that the key to playing Abaddon effectively is to focus on protecting your allies, disrupting the enemy team’s movements and speed, and providing sustained damage over time.