Dota 2: a quick but effective guide on Ancient Apparition

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Ancient Apparition is a hero in the MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) game Dota 2. He is an intelligent hero who is skilled at disabling or disrupting enemy heroes and slowing their movement. Ancient Apparition is a strong hero in the right hands and is often played as a support hero to disable enemy heroes and allow his allies to deal damage.

Abilities of Ancient Apparition

  • Cold Feet: Deals damage stuck down enemy heroes in a place. This ability can be used to disproportionate the enemy by persisting enemy heroes.
  • Ice Vortex: This creates a vortex of ice at a targeted location, slowing and reducing the attack speed of enemies in the area. When allies are lacking in speed, this ability can be helpful for an ally to proceed and catch up with action.
  • Ice Blast: Releases a powerful burst of ice that explodes upon reaching its target, dealing damage and slowing enemies in its range. Make sure to use your Ice Blast wisely, as it has a long cooldown and is an important part of your team fight presence.
  • Ice wall: Use your Ice Wall ability to block enemy heroes and create separation between them and your allies.
  • Chilling Touch: This ability grants bonus attack speed and movement speed to nearby allied heroes. This is crucial in the initial period as well as at the end of the war.
  • Global Silence: Silences all enemy heroes and prevents them from using their abilities for a brief period of time. The best time to use it is when you can’t catch up with enemy forces.

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In final words, the Ancient Apparition is a hero that is well-acquainted at disrupting enemy heroes, slowing down their speed, and setting up kills for your allies. By effectively using your crowd control abilities and using chilling touch and global silence, Ancient Apparition can be a valuable asset to your team.