Dota 2: PSG.LGD beats Dawn Gaming in DPC

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PSG.LGD has claimed their victory 2-0 against Dawn Gaming in Dota 2 Dota Pro Circuit (DPC). Game 1 ended up with PSG.LGD – 26 Dires and Dawn Gaming – 1 Radiant, meanwhile Game 2 with PSG.LGD – 31 Radiant and Dawn Gaming – 6 Dire.

Dota 2 – DPC: PSG.LGD beats Dawn Gaming in China Division

Dota 2: DPC
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There is no doubt that the PSG.LGD was able to defeat Dawn Gaming with a bit of difference, as the team already is a champion for a long time.

Dota Pro Circuit has indeed become a hub of entertainment for gamers and fans worldwide. Just after the first series of China Division I (EHOME vs INVICTUS Gaming), the next match bought the new winning team next door.


PSG.LGD is a Chinese professional Dota 2 gaming team who managed to overpower Dawn Gaming. PSG.LGD are title holders of the Asia 2012, G-1 Champions League, and Dota 2 League Season 4. It secures worldwide rank 4 with a huge success rate of 63%, computed by gosugamers.

Team Members:

  • Shiro
  • NothingToSay
  • 项羽
  • WhyouSm1Le

PSG.LGD once secured 2nd rank at International 10, winning the pool prize of US$5,202,400.

Dawn Gaming

Dawn Gaming (DG) is also a Chinese team of professional Dota 2 players, who entered the contest of Dota 2 (Dota Pro Circuit). DG secured the world rank of 265 with a success rate of 18% as computed by gosugamers.

Team Members:

  • EX
  • idc
  • Ms
  • Docres
  • lazenka
  • songoku

The last series of matches between EHOME and INVICTUS Gaming too went very well giving all the players an opportunity to introduce their skills. However, the contest allowed just one of the best two skills to proceed.