Will Team Secret return to their May 2017 form for The International 7?

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Many fans are giving Team Secret credit for their placement at EPICENTER 2017, but I can’t do it. Take a look at the CIS-EU Qualifier, and tell me if that 1st Place finish means much.

Secret was the only top EU team that didn’t receive an invite. The spot was Secret’s to lose, but they made it. And to make matters easier, an out-of-form NaVi was voted into EPICENTER 2017 and put into Group A alongside TS.

Team Secret place 1st again in May 2017

Throughout May 2017, Team Secret played well consistently to place 1st in the EU Division of DreamLeague Season 7. They played so well that their seven regional opponents were incapable of taking a single series. TS went 10-4 against Team Liquid, Virtus.pro, Team Empire, mousesports, Vega Squadron, Natus Vincere, and Elements Pro Gaming. Three of which are attending TI7 in just a few days.

To be fair, sweeping Team Liquid during the group stage was somewhat noteworthy. However, Team Liquid (winners of EPICENTER 2017) didn’t have it together during the group stage. TL dropped a game to the out-of-form OG squad and got swept by LFY.

Also in May 2017, Secret played online in the Mr. Cat Invitational Europe. 10 teams played, but Mr. Cat is a smaller tournament (and ultimately less significant). The 3rd Place finish doesn’t add any points to Secret’s resume because they finished right where they should have. If Vega Squadron, Prodota Gaming, Effect, Cloud9’s old squad, NiP, Team Spirit, or Chip+4 got ahead of Secret it would have been a huge red flag for their playing form.

The opening match of DreamLeague Season 7 featured Team Secret against Planet Odd. Both teams would have liked to meet Vega Squadron in the opening round, but the lucky draw went over to Team Liquid. This series was more exciting than the other, despite an average game length of 60 minutes between VS and TL.

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