lesser than no one, a mid-year report by Sheen Sah

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In terms of form, and when I say form I mean a team’s what-have-you-done-for-me-lately factor, is in 1st Place. It’s not even close. The early months of 2017 weren’t played at a very high level. VP was coming up short. That is absolutely not the case anymore. They’re my dark horse to win TI7 at the moment.

A Top 4 finish at ESL One Genting 2017 didn’t help at the Dota Pit League, and the same goes for VP at the Dota 2 Asia Championships. Since DAC 2017, VP has been on a total tear. is on another level; they’re lesser than no one.

How to become lesser than no one: reach six out of eight finals

Let’s talk about the failures first, and just get those out of the way early. It won’t take long. Late May featured the DreamLeague Season 7 EU Division. Going 8-6 led to 4th Place. Fourth out of eight teams isn’t the best, but’s not much of a failure either. Team Secret was the only team to defeat VP. went 1-1 against mousesports, Vega Squadron, Team Empire, and Elements Pro Gaming.

EPICENTER 2017 was a matter of scheduling if you ask me. VP’s 5-6th Place finish came from a 2-1 loss to Team Liquid. Liquid pulled off a reverse sweep after won Game 1. Every match was short, as none lasted longer than 33 minutes. Team Liquid went on the win EPICENTER, repeating as champions.

What do you think of these days? I honestly believe that if VP defeated TL in the quarterfinals, they would have went on to win the tournament. Certainly they would have reached the finals. If you’re at the moment, exiting a premier tournament requires meeting a team destined to succeed.

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