Team Liquid reverse-sweep finals of DreamLeague Season 7

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DreamLeague Season 7 is a four-team premier event in Dota 2, and fans love the event more any other (besides The International). Three European teams joined one North American representative in Atlanta for a two-day bout at DreamHack Atlanta.

Monster Energy sponsors the tournament, which grants $80,000 to the 1st Place finisher ($175,000 total prize pool). Given how well TL played in the opening rounds, I didn’t expect Planet Odd to push Liquid to the brink of elimination.

Team Liquid reverse-sweep finals: a closer look at their run

Team Liquid secured their spot in the finals straightaway. Despite playing some long games during their first two series, TL made it look easy.

Team Liquid met Vega Squadron in the opener, and swept the series. The average game time for the two games was 60 minutes. I’m impressed that VS did this much. TL was definitely the favorite for the entire tournament, and I projected VS would take dead last (which they did, but still impressed me).

The winners’ finals were against Planet Odd, my projected 2nd Place finisher. Team Liquid took Game 1 straightforwardly, and Game 2 was much closer. Therefore, judging based on both teams’ performances against Team Liquid, there’s no telling if PO deserved the nod over Vega Squadron prior to the Bo5 series.

I wanted to see Vega Squadron meet Planet Odd in the losers’ finals. However, Team Secret reverse-swept VS to meet Planet Odd and got swept themselves.

Team Secret qualified as the first seed from Europe, but they didn’t shown up in Atlanta with the same form. This is not a great sign with The International just around the corner. However, arriving early to the US may prove very beneficial given The International will be played in Seattle.

Who did you think would take 1st Place? Was Team Liquid an easy bet? What did you think of Planet Odd losing three straight games?  Did the 18-minute Game 3 loss shatter Planet Odd’s spirit? Reach out on Twitter and let us know. #LetsTalkDota has daily Dota 2 topics to tweet about. Thanks for reading.