Vega Squadron just doubled their 2017 winnings by finishing dead last

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Vega Squadron just won $20,000 at DreamLeague Season 7 in Atlanta, GA. All five of their players (Ditya, Ra, G, Mag-, and SoNNeikO) left the team prior to the DreamLeague Season 7 EU qualifier. The new roster Vega Squadron signed appears to be a good one. VS doubled their 2017 winnings instantly by adding ALOHADANCE, AfterLife, Silent, and CemaTheSlayeR (G returned to the team).

How Vega Sqadron doubled their 2017 winnings at DL7

DreamLeague Season 7, played at the recent DreamHack event, included four teams. Three qualified from EU, and one from NA. Vega Squadron sneaked in with the third EU slot behind 1st Place finisher at the qualifier, Team Secret, and 2nd Place Team Liquid.

Overall, VS earned a 0-2 series record (1-4 in total games) at DreamLeague Season 7. They matched up against the eventual tournament winners, Team Liquid, in their opening series. They played a close series against TL despite getting swept, as both games lasted an hour on average.

Vega Squadron had $17,500 in total prize earnings for 2017 heading into the Atlanta premier. Finishing dead last at DreamLeague Season 7 granted $20,000, so Vega Squadron automatically doubled their total by showing up. Anything above last place would have been a miracle, given Team Secret and Team Liquid will be at The International in two weeks (Planet Odd should be as well).

This is very valuable practice for VS heading into tournaments post-TI. Vega Squadron won their first game after falling to the losers’ bracket. Unfortunately, Team Secret rose to the occasion after dropping Game 1 of the losers’ round 1.

How impressive did you find Vega Sqadron’s run at DreamLeague Season 7? I give it a 6 out of 10, as I had little expectations for the team coming in. All of their competitors are on another level, so I’m glad to see them give Team Secret a tough time. Reach out on Twitter and let us know. #LetsTalkDota has daily Dota 2 topics to tweet about. Thanks for reading, highlights are below.