Planet Odd: what does the reverse sweep at DL7 say about the team?

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My followers are aware by now that I’m a bit unhappy with North America’s representatives at The International 7; Planet Odd should be going to Seattle. They’re too talented to not be there. However, PO weren’t at their best when the NA qualifier came around. Sometimes the cookie crumbles that way. Nonetheless, we’re left with an important question to answer: what does the reverse sweep at DL7 say about Planet Odd these days?

Reverse sweep at DL7: what are the takeaways?

It’s not a prediction that carries much weight (because only four teams competed), but I was right about each team’s placement in this tournament: dead last for Vega Squadron, 3rd Place for the faltering Team Secret, 2nd Place for my boys Planet Odd, and victory for Team Liquid.

However, I didn’t expect to see PO get embarrassed the way they did; it was difficult to watch. When you take a 2-0 lead in a Bo5, you have three opportunities to closeout. Each game you lose adds tremendous confidence to the trailing side. They’re playing with nothing to lose at that point.

Game 3 was the obvious turning point of the series, and it was a complete disaster if I’m being frank. How do you lose a closeout game in 17 minutes? I’ll show you below. There aren’t too many positives to take from the final series if you’re a fan of Planet Odd, except being happy that they would have won a title if the format was Bo3.

Thanks for reading. Reach out on Twitter and let us know what you thought about Planet Odd throwing a 2-0 lead in the Bo5. Does taking two straight games prove anything about PO’s strength? Or does allowing Team Liquid‘s reverse sweep at DL7 say more about their undeservingness to play alongside the best in Seattle? Remember, #LetsTalkDota has daily Dota 2 topics to tweet about.