Headed to TI7: Team Secret, the only way to go is up from TI6

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Image courtesy of wallpapersafari.com /

Team Secret qualified for TI7 for the second year in a row. After what happened last year, Team Secret has only one way to go — up. Hopefully, European Dota fans will have their region more favorably represented this year. Team Secret also has no $100,000 match wins since The International 2016. The dead last finish at TI6 means the only way to go is up.

The only way to go is up, Secret

There are plenty of teams headed to TI7 that are prepared to do some damage. At least it looks that way, but any tournament is a zero-sum game. We’re going to see some teams struggle despite putting up a great fight against their regional competitors. Team Secret is going to prove that they’re contenders rather than pretenders in August 2017.

Image courtesy of thenerdstash.com
Image courtesy of thenerdstash.com /

Secret’s form is rising steadily, and you can see the confidence growing. Look at their recent results; Team Secret is going deeper and deeper through their tournament brackets as we get closer to The International. It’s not unusual that Secret claimed the number one spot for Europe.

Since falling to Team NP in Manila, TS has been doing better and better. The dead last finish (tied with Clutch Gamers) led to Secret getting things together in June. Evil Geniuses swept Secret at EPICENTER 2017, but this was still a Top 4 finish. The finals of DOTA Summit 7 were very close, a 2-3 loss to Virtus.pro earned Secret $22,500. Finally, the TI7 qualifier went great for Team Secret; though, the competition wasn’t very fierce.

The TI7 European qualifier results will help Secret place higher than last year. Certainly, they feel the pain of last year’s failures and are prepared to make things right this time. I don’t see Secret making a very deep run at TI7, but there are a few favorable matchups out there. I’ll get into those specifics a little later.

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