TI7: Does China have too many qualification slots? I think so.

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The International is a great tournament, likely the best in all of esports. However, it’s far from perfect. Certain regions become over-represented at times. TI7 has five Chinese teams and six European teams (I include Virtus.pro and Team Empire in this total). There are six total regions and 11 of 18 teams come from two regions. I’m asking for regional balance. Which should come from one of two areas: either limit the regional invites or reallocate the qualifiers per region. Certain regions get too many slots for qualification given the region’s leaders are automatically admitted.

Too many slots for China?

To improve the regional balance, each team that gets invited should decrease the total number of teams that can qualify from that region. Example: China has three qualification slots, and two Chinese teams were directly invited. Only one more team from China should be admitted.

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Image courtesy of wallpaperfreakz.blogspot.com /

I don’t mean to disrespect LGD Gaming, but I don’t believe they deserve a piece of the pie. LGD should be forced to live with their little sister, LFY, finishing the TI7 China Qualifier in 1st Place. LGD is out of form. They won’t succeed at TI7. However, LGD Gaming limps into the biggest tournament in Dota. I just don’t see how this makes sense.

Why does SEA have three qualification slots and receives zero invites. The logic is counter-intuitive. Clearly Valve believe’s SEA should be involved. Why not reward the top team with an invite? Instead, Team Faceless misses TI7 while Execration (a team likely to pull an NV/Clutch Gamers) limps in. This is bad for TI7’s competitiveness.

Only one misstep in 2017 so far for Evil Geniuses
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Furthermore, North America’s Evil Geniuses receive an invite with two teams able to qualify. EG deserves it. Don’t get me wrong. Does LGD deserve to make TI7? They’re the fifth best team in the region; I don’t think so. Planet Odd would put up a much better fight against the TI7 competitors. These are the reasons I’m steadfast in my opinion — China has too many slots.

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