Vici Gaming: one for fourteen, the story of 2017

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Vici Gaming isn’t doing well this year, but anything can happen moving forward. Currently, Vici is low on the Chinese Dota 2 totem pole. They hover somewhere around the 10th Place in the region overall. This is what happens when teams go one for fourteen over a six month span (and why it happens).

Vici Gaming in 2017: one for fourteen

It’s very difficult for these guys to compete with Dota 2’s elite. Two of out of fourteen tournaments Vici Gaming played in this year were non-qualifiers. They rarely get the chance to play for big money; therefore, they rarely get chances to gain valuable experience. One of the two non-qualifiers led to a Top 4 finish, so Vici is one for fourteen in 2017. One noteworthy tournament run is much better than none.

When I say 10th Place in China,  I have the following teams ahead of Vici Gaming:

  1. CDEC Gaming
  2. EHOME
  3. EHOME.Keen
  4. iG Vitality
  5. Invictus Gaming
  6. LGD.ForeverYoung
  7. LGD Gaming
  8. Newbee
  9. *Someone I’m forgetting*
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I mean no disrespect; this is just how I see China at the moment. Vici needs to make changes to improve. For the past two months, Vici has continually been earning 4-6th Place finishes. Bigger tournaments tend to drop Vici toward the lower end of that estimate.

The International 2017 China Qualifier was a 5th Place finish. LGD Gaming swept Vici 2-0 to advance. LGD eventually limped their way into TI7 in the third (actually 5th) slot for China. Invictus Gaming, Newbee, iG Vitality, and even LGD.ForeverYoung got in before LGD Gaming. Vici Gaming is essentially twice as far from The International as the undeserving LGD squad.

What do you think Vici Gaming should do to improve? How would you run the team given the chance? Is going one for fourteen worrisome? Let me know. Follow the instructions below.

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