Getting ahead of big brother, LGD.ForeverYoung: a mid-year report by Sheen Sah

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First Quarter 2017

The first half of 2017 wasn’t very impressive from LGD.ForeverYoung. LGD Gaming’s sister squad had only a single Top 4 finish in the first quarter of the year. Fortunately, that 3rd Place finish came at the Dota 2 Asia Championships 2017 China Qualifier. Given China was the host region, their qualifier sent the top four teams to the tournament. In most cases, claiming 3rd Place means you’re going out sad.

Qualification for DAC 2017 was critical for LGD.ForeverYoung, and not just because it guaranteed nearly $10,000 for a dead last finish. Placing 3rd made a statement: LGD.ForeverYoung is getting ahead of big brother, LGD Gaming.

Following the DAC Qualifier, LGD.ForeverYoung was absent from the Dota 2 scene until mid March, and the return didn’t bring any positive results for a while. A second Top 4 finish didn’t come until May (when it happened three times).

LFY is getting ahead of big brother, LGD Gaming
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Q2, 2017: LGD.ForeverYoung prove their getting ahead of big brother

I’m not trying to claim (or even suggest) that this comparison isn’t close. There’s only a thin line separating these two teams. And if I’m the owner of LGD Gaming, I’m pleased to have such a problem on my hands. At the end of Q2 2017, LGD.ForeverYoung leads LGD Gaming by 2 wins to 1.

The EPICENTER 2017 CN Qualifier presented viewers with the most interesting final match possible: an undefeated LGD Gaming versus their sister team, LGD.ForeverYoung, who made a great run through the losers’ bracket.

LGD Gaming dropped Game 1, and equalized the series in Game 2 before losing Game 3. LGD.ForeverYoung made a second statement at the EPICENTER group stage by producing a 4-0 series record (8-1 total games record). Though, the semifinals presented the eventual tournament winners (Team Liquid). LGD Gaming woudn’t have impressed this much.

The Mars Dota 2 League CN Qualifier enables two teams to advance to the Main Event. LGD. ForeverYoung qualified through the winners’ bracket, sending LGD Gaming to the loser’ bracket. Both LGD squads qualified as LGD Gaming won the losers’ bracket. That’s LGD.ForeverYoung 2-0 LGD Gaming in May 2017.

However, LGD Gaming won a head-to-head match against LGD.ForeverYoung in China’s qualifier for Galaxy Battles. This win made the difference, because LGD.ForeverYoung went 5-2 to LGD Gaming’s 6-1 record. Nonetheless LGD.ForeverYoung are still leading the way heading into the third quarter of 2017.

Grade: B-

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