Mars Dota 2 League 2017: LFY, LGD Gaming, and Clutch Gamers

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There isn’t much information available regarding the Mars Dota 2 League 2017. The eight teams have been revealed, so this article will take three teams and explain their playing form heading in. Let’s see how LFY, LGD Gaming, and Clutch Gamers have been doing.

Things we know about the Mars Dota 2 League: it’s organized by Mars Media; all matches will be played offline at the Optics Valley International Tennis Center in China; the tournament lasts five days (July 5-9th, 2017). When considering each team’s playing form, I’m only looking at the last four weeks of professional play. Comparing LFY, LGD Gaming, and Clutch Gamers, only one team is ready to win it all in July 2017.

Mars Dota 2 League – 3 qualified teams – LFY, LGD Gaming, and Clutch Gamers

LGD.ForeverYoung: in form

LGD Gaming’s sister team is on a tear at the moment. Take a look at their EPICENTER group stage results, and you’ll notice they defeated OG. They deserve a lot of credit for keeping the winners of Valve’s last two majors out of the EPICENTER playoffs. LGD.ForeverYoung ended the group stage with an 8-1 games record (4-0 series record). Team Liquid took one game from LFY.

LGD Gaming: out of form

Here we have a team that hasn’t actually been looking bad; I just can’t give them the nod of positivity. Little sis looks stronger these days. LGD missed DAC 2017 and the Kiev Major, so it’s been quite a while since they’ve been worthy of confidence. They lost in the finals of four out of six qualifiers before recently posting a 6-1 record in the Galaxy Battles: China Qualifier.

Clutch Gamers: out of form

I’m actually a point where I don’t want to discuss Clutch Gamers much. They’ve gotten enough attention for two series wins at EPICENTER’s SEA qualifier. Most viewers expected Team Faceless to represent SEA, and that’s what should have happened. ‘Nuff said.

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