TI7: What if iG Vitality finishes ahead of Invictus Gaming? Good or bad?

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China is so good at Dota 2 that it’s creating problems for The International. Organizations like Invictus Gaming and LGD Gaming have a great handle on how to take Dota 2 teams to the highest level. Invictus has already put two teams in. LGD’s B team, LGD.ForeverYoung, claimed China’s number two slot after iG Vitality took 1st Place at the qualifier. Is it good or bad that China gets so many teams in? And is it good or bad that two orgs may put four teams in?

There are flaws to this setup; let me explain what I consider ideal. We have six Dota 2 regions, which generally equates to three regions that are split in two (Europe/CIS, China/SEA, NA/SA). What if each region had one team invited and the rest came through qualification? Of course, many will claim that South America doesn’t deserve an invite. That’s fine; double-up the invites for ONE region. Europe essentially has three invites this year: TL, OG, and VP.

iG Vitality has become a Valve Major Staple
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What if iG.V gets ahead of iG? Good or bad?

From the management’s perspective, this is a great problem to have. I don’t particularly believe that iG VItality will make a deeper run than Invictus Gaming, but it certainly could happen. iG Vitality won a head-to-head matchup with Invictus Gaming in March to qualify for the Kiev Major. Given iG’s recent form, iG.V could eliminate Invictus’s main squad.

I never really count iG Vitality out until they’re actually sent home. They have what it takes to beat most teams when they play their best. I’m curious how long these teams will remain separate; if Invictus Gaming doesn’t bring the form back up within the next couple months, iG may need to borrow a player or two from the sister squad to bolster the main roster.

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