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Enchantress hero in Dota 2 is an Intelligent ranged attack type hero, well known for her ability to change neutral creeps to our sides. Enchantress is blessed with amazing powers, she belongs to a two-star complexity hero and can be played in roles; such as Support or Pusher.

Let us get matey with this hero in this guide.

Dota 2 hero Enchantress – Abilities


Impetus is a pure damage type ability, that enchants an attack on enemy heroes, that keeps on impairing them. The efficiency of the attack is based on the distance. The farther the enemy, the higher the damage it absorbs.


Enchantress casts this spell on enemies. The type of ability is decided on the factor, whether the enemy is a Hero or a Creep. If it’s a former then their speed is slowed, while the latter is being controlled by her. These controlled enemy creeps get additional power and health.

However, there is a limitation to the esteemed ability. Enchantress can only control one creep at a time.

Nature’s Attendants

By using this ability, the hero summons some natural powers to heal her. The ability not just heals the Enchantress hero, but also all the units around her. The ability lasts for 9 seconds.


By the use of the ability, the speed, and the strength of the enemy hero is manipulated. Their movements are slowed down.

Little Friends

All the ally creeps, neutral creeps, and even enemy creeps will attack the target selected by the Enchantress. These controlled enemies and allies gain additional speed and movement.

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The powerful hero Enchantress is narrated in these words

"Harmful up close and lethal at a distance, Enchantress skewers foes with attacks imbued to become more damaging the further they fly. Whether inflicting powerful slows on her enemies or charming forest creatures to fight her battles, she is never short of tools to win a fight."