Dota 2 – Get to know more about the abilities of Dazzle

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Dazzle is an intelligence class ranged attacked type hero in Dota 2 game, well known for his role of a support hero and disabler hero. Here is a quick guide on the abilities of Dazzle, how to use them effectively, and much more.

Abilities of Dazzle

Poison Touch

As named, the Poison Touch ability spreads a cone of poison in its range. The casting not just deals damage to the enemy units, but also slows down their speed and movement. It is a physical damage ability that keeps on increasing its effectiveness on the attack of Dazzle.

The ultimate ability has a shard ability upgrade that enables Poison Touch ability to hex affected targets for 0 seconds.

Shallow Grave

The shallow grave enables the hero to sustain himself for a long time under its protection. The hero can’t die, no matter how close he is to dying. This time is crucial in getting aid or retreating.

Shadow Wave

Shadow wave creates a wave or pulse of the bolt that heals the allies along with damaging the enemy creeps and units. However, the ability has prioritized dazzles healing over allies healing. Therefore, mostly the ability is used for self-healing.

Good Juju

Good Juju is a passive ability that reduces the cooldown period of all abilities of self and allies. If the shard ability of Good Juju is used, the cooldown period is reduced significantly by 50%. Very crucial ability to use when our heroes are lacking in power.

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The official portrait of Dazzle by the Dota 2 corporation is as follows

"Born to support his cohorts in battle, Dazzle keeps wounded allies alive so they might later rain death upon the enemy. His strange magic weaves its way into nearby armor, weakening enemies and strengthening friends."

In final words

The Dazzle is a strong support hero that can prove to be a perfect selection for engaging in team clashes and also healing allies.