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Ember Spirit is classified as an agility class hero in Dota 2 belonging to the melee attack type, who deals rapid strikes to his enemies and chains them. Dota 2’s official site has assigned him roles of Escape hero and carry hero. But he is fit to be played Initiator, Nuker, and Disabler as well.

Dota 2 – Abilities of Ember Spirit

Searing Chains

Searing Chains summons some loops of waves that wrap the enemy unit that is targeted. The target keeps on taking the damage per second.

Sleight of Fist

Sleight of Fist released a kind of lightning flash with blazing speed that travels the way in its range. It attacks all the foes and returns to the owner i.e, Centaur Warrunner. It is a physical damage ability that grants bonus damage too.

Flame Guard

When the Flame Guard ability is in use, the Ember is surrounded by the swirling fire armor, the fire here absorbs all incoming damage by enemy units, and the percentage they deal with. It is not just a defensive power, the Flame Guard keeps on vandalizing enemy units around him.

Activate Fire Remnant

Ember is now able to select the place where the fire remnant will summon. The selected places (2) emerge the fireball, which travels back to ember destructing everything that comes in its way.

Fire Remnant

We don’t know why the two powers are being separated, still, the esteemed power does the same thing. Fire Remanant travels at 250% faster than the ember’s original speed. And by using the activate fire remnant power, the hero will dash all active remnants.

Fire Remnant has Shard Ability Upgrade and Sceptor Ability Upgrade as well, enhancing the efficiency of the power.

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Valve Corporation describes the Ember Spirit hero in this way

"Swift and elusive, Ember Spirit strikes all nearby enemies in rapid succession and ties them up with burning chains. Quickly rushing across the battlefield to arrive at one of his exploding remnants, few can avoid, or capture his flame."