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Enigma is a playable hero in Dota 2, classified as an Intelligence hero belonging to ranged attack types. Enigma is famous for trapping foes in the physical dimension of the Black Hole.

Abilities of Enigma hero in Dota 2


Malefice is a magical unit targeting ability, that stuns the enemy heroes repeatedly. The instance of stunning is repeated every 2 seconds. In the end, the power is not limited to this. There is a shard ability upgrade, that increases the stunning process of the units by 0.35 seconds.

And during the stunned, it will create Eidolon next to it. This Eidolon will not multiply further on each successful attack.

Demonic Conversion

The demonic conversion allows the Enigma to transform one creep into 3 small Enigmas. These Enigmas are called eidolons, which are controlled by the hero and keep on multiplying with each successful attack. In doing so, their health is restored.

Midnight Pulse

Midnight Pulse is a magical power that creates some ripples of pluses around the hero. The enemy units in this range keep on getting impairments. The efficiency is determined by the current Hitpoints of the unit.

Black Hole

The black hole’s power is that it generates tsunami-like structures on much bigger scales. Same as a black hole enhances grabbing surroundings, the ability increases its orderliness. The vortex of the black hole absorbs most of the powers of the target. The victim is unable to cast spells for a specified period.

The black hole has a scepter ability upgrade, that deals additional injuries almost on par with 3.5% of the unit’s health bar.

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Enigma’s powers, roles, and abilities are described in this way

"Widely feared for his ultimate ability, Enigma can summon a black hole capable of entrapping enemy forces, so that allies can then destroy them. An ever-present contingent of eidolons at his side, he pummels foes with ranged attacks."