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Elder Titan is a versatile hero belonging to the strength class and melee attack type hero in Dota 2, who is popular with his Astral Spirit that disables and damages the enemy heroes. Dota 2 officially has given him the role of initiator and disabler. However, some like him to play as a nuker and support.

Let us take a speedy glance at the abilities of the Elder Titan and his abilities

Dota 2: Abilities of Elder Titan

Echo Stomp

Echo Stomp is the physical damage-dealing ability that creates a wave of his powers and his Astral Spirit that slams all nearby units, knocking them apart. As it summons a wave, it is sometimes called the magical ability of Elder Titan.

Astral Spirit

When this ability is in use, the ELder Titan sends his Astral Spirit which goes forth, and damages all units that come into its way. And when the spirit rejoins the hero, added damage bonus is granted.

Natural Order

Natural Order does the same as its name suggests. This ability removes all the spells by enemy heroes and also removes their armor.

Earth Splitter

By using the ability, the Elder cracks the land, summoning flashes of lightning from the cracks. The lightning deals incredible damage to the units exactly above it. Here half of the damage dealt is magical, while half is physical.

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The official narration of the character of Elder Titan by Valve Corporation

"Scouting the way with his astral spirit, Elder Titan can strike from any direction. Halting foes with a stomp of his hoof while his presence eats away at their defenses, he splits the earth itself to bring his enemies low."

In final thoughts

Given is an overview of the abilities of the hero Elder Titan. His ultimate powers of Astral Spirit have made him a good choice for choosing him into team.