Dota 2 – Clinkz hero, Abilities, and More

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Clinkz is an agility class ranged attack-type playable hero in Dota 2, popular for his escape and carry role in the game and high dealing damages. As mentioned, Clinkz is often played as a carry hero, still he capable of dealing lethal damage to enemy units.

Dota 2: Abilities of Clinkz

Burning Barrage

It is a physical damage type ability in which the hero keeps on shooting arrows toward the enemy units. Each of the arrows thrown hits them.

Searing Arrows

It is also a physical damage type ability. Searing Arrows deals additional damage by throwing arrows with fire.

Skeleton Walk

It is a no-target ability that can be very useful in certain circumstances where the hero is on the verge of running out of health. Skeleton Walk allows the hero to go invisible mode until it attacks the unit.

The shard ability upgrades create 2 burning skeletons to assist him.

Death Pact

Death Pact is an ultimate power that enables the esteemed hero to consume an enemy or a friend creep and gat its all resources; health.

Burning Army

Burning Army is an ultimate ability that summons a number of skeleton archer troops to support the hero in course of the war.

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Dota and Valve corporation mentions Clinkz in this way

"When Clinkz stalks invisibly through the battlefield, none are safe from ambush. Swift of foot and arrow, he rains fiery death upon his foes, calling upon an army of blazing compatriots to bolster his assault."

Clinkz is a highly versatile hero in Dota 2 with different playstyles available to players. Some players focus on farming and pushing lanes early in the game, while others prioritize ganking and securing kills.

His invisibility ability makes him particularly effective at split-pushing and destroying enemy towers. Additionally, he excels at eliminating enemy support and disrupting the team’s formation. Overall, Clinkz is a strong hero that can greatly impact the game if played correctly.