Dota 2 Broodmother: Abilities, Class and More

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Broodmother is an agility-class melee attack-type playable hero in Dota 2, known for her high complicity (2 stars) and spider-web-creating ability. The highly complex abilities have enabled her to climb on the list of most picked Heroes.

In order to play Broodmother effectively, one must look into her abilities and drawbacks. Here is a quick guide to doing so.

Dota 2: Broodmother Abilities

Insatiable Hunger

Insatiable Hunger is a physical damage type attack and also her ultimate ability. When using this ability, she acts like a vampire where it dealing with the damage and also starts sucking out the unit’s health.

There is a shard ability upgrade that will increase the durability of the power.

Spin Web

It is a dispellable ability, in which she spins a large web in an effective range. Same as a real spider, the web enables her high speed and enhances attack effectiveness. The Spin Web ability can be used again and again after 30 seconds each.

Silken Bola

It is a magical ability, that deals damage to enemies, and confuses them thereby wasting their attacks. Units that attack the target deal bonus magic damage.

Spawn Spiderlings

It is a supportive ability where Broodmother summons some spiderlings to assist in the field of war. In addition to fighting, the spiderlings hatch if the target unit is killed.

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This is how Dota 2 officially expresses her

"Gliding along her webs, Broodmother births an army of spiders to lead her team’s forces toward the enemy base. As prey wanders near, she joins her children and attacks, slowing foes with incapacitating bites as she indulges her insatiable hunger."

Broodmother is a Dota 2 hero that is the best in split pushing and tower destruction through her spiderlings and web abilities. She also possesses strong ganking and pushing potential with her Incapacitating Bite and Insatiable Hunger abilities.