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Dota 2 is a multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) game played by millions of gamers worldwide. In Dota 2, two teams of five players compete against each other to destroy the other team’s “Ancient” building, which is located at the heart of their base layouts.

In actuality, the game is complex and highly strategized which requires a strong understanding of many different mechanics and concepts. Here is a comprehensive guide on Dota 2.

The objective of Dota 2

As mentioned earlier, the goal of Dota 2 is to destroy the enemy team’s Ancient building, which is located in the heart of their base. Destroying it requires good communication skills and chemistry with your teammates. Teamwork is not just to destroy the enemy base, but also to defending our own Ancient while attacking the enemy team’s Ancient.

Players while on raid earns gold and experience points by killing enemy Heroes, destroying enemy structures, and killing non-playing character creatures in the game. These resources can be used for upgrading hero abilities.

Mechanisms of Dota 2


Dota 2 has stuffed itself with numerous heroes, more than 100, with unique abilities, personalities, and roles to fulfill in the game. There is no doubt that the Heroes are the most crucial element in Dota 2.

Players are required to choose between those that fit best for their team and strategy. Likewise, Some Heroes are suitable for dealing with damage, while others are well at supporting their teammates, while some are fit for disrupting the enemy team. Therefore it becomes very important to choose the correct heroes as per need.


In Dota 2, maps are systematically divided into three lanes; top, middle, and bottom. And they connect our base with enemy bases. Every lane has some obstructions to deal with. There are some monsters that can be eliminated for experience points, there are some enemy troops that grant us gold for killing them.

Roles in Dota 2


Junglers are highly mobile and hence are good at taking off neutral monsters. Junglers are mostly used for ambushing into enemy bases and distracting them.


Support Heroes are skilled ones that are better at disrupting enemy bases, disabling enemy Heroes, and providing an advantage to allies.


Offlaners have strong defenses or abilities that allow them to survive against enemy Heroes. Therefore, most offlaners are used in farming in a side lane away from the main course of the fighting.


Carry is the most important hero of all. It has huge hitpoints that deal with damages. In the initial phase, the carry is a little fragile one but becomes petrifying at the end of the action.

Mechanisms in Dota 2

  • Map control: Controlling the movement of enemy Heroes and the positioning of friendly Heroes on the map
  • Creep equilibrium: The balance between the number of friendly and enemy troops in each lane
  • Denying: Killing your own weak creeps to prevent the enemy team from snatching the gold and experience points
  • Last hitting: Getting the kills on an enemy creep or Hero, which rewards the gold and experience points

Given are just some of the mechanisms in Dota 2. The mere understanding of them does not ensure victory. Dota 2 demands time spending to get familiar with other skills and players.