RodjER of Team Empire will double his career earnings with TI debut

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RodjER is an up-and-coming Support player, and will make his first appearance at The International in just a few days at TI7. Heading into the event his approximate career earnings sits at $9,862. Take into consideration the $22,000,000+ prize pool that he and Team Empire are going for, and you’ll see a dead last finish would bump that up to $20,000.

Of course, this isn’t Team Empire’s first trip to The International. They missed out on the big one in 2016, but TE was present for TI5 and TI4. The results haven’t been anything to brag about, however. Empire hasn’t reached the Top 8 just yet. Perhaps this’ll be the year.

Many of the giants look weaker than usual. I wouldn’t put an upset past them given all the practice Empire gets against

RodjER’s Support throughout 2017: a journey to Team Empire

RodjER played with 5 teams in the first half of 2017 before landing in Team Empire’s Support role. He began with Rebels before a brief spell with Flipsid3 Tactics (to win the Russian e-Sports Cup 2016 in late January). In February, RodjER joined Effect, and played eleven events with the team between then and mid-May 2017.

Team Empire has experienced mostly positive results since adding RodjER to the lineup for the Lootbet Invitational. Their first event together went well; Team Empire defeated Vega Squadron in the finals of the Lootbet Invitational to earn a spot at Dota Summit 7.

Fellow TI7 attendee, Team NP (now Cloud9), eliminated Empire at Summit 7 and forced RodjER’s new club into dead last alongside Team VGJ. TI7 will be RodjER’s second premier with Empire, and his sights will be set higher than last place. The action begins in only three days. Wish

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