HellRaisers prepare for their first International by signing Planet Dog

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If you haven’t heard of HellRaisers before, I wouldn’t be surprised; they’ve been around for years now, but HR is yet to find success in Dota 2. By signing Planet Dog, 2nd Place finishers of the TI7 European Qualifier, HellRaisers is preparing for their first appearance at The International. This is certainly a smart move by HR, as Planet Dog is guaranteed a minimum of $50,000 by qualifying for the event. Not to mention the exposure, millions of fans flock to online streams of The International.

We saw a move like this back in April, when mousesports signed Ad Finem just prior to the Kiev Major. That didn’t work out very well for them, so let’s wish HR some luck at TI7.

HellRaisers’s first International appearance, what can we expect?

Speaking of mousesports and Ad Finem, mous lost to Planet Dog in the finals of the the TI7 European Qualifier. mouseports almost reached TI7, but the Bo5 series ended 3-1 in favor of PD.

Keep in mind, this mouseports roster went to the finals of the Boston Major. They proved formidable at the end of 2016, but haven’t looked nearly as sharp since losing that finals series to OG by a similar 3-1 margin. This HellRaisers roster has won 0 titles since coming together, and earned a total of $500 since forming Planet Dog in June.

Most of this HR team used to play for Prodota Gaming. Their best result was a 4th Place finish at the Mr. Cat Invitational Europe, which 10 teams competed in. Prodota Gaming finished behind Virtus.pro, Team Empire, and Team Secret. They were eliminated by VP, who went on to claim the title.

Reach out on Twitter and let us know what you expect from HellRaisers after signing Planet Dog. Will their first International appearance be a success? What will it take for HR to impress you? #LetsTalkDota has daily Dota 2 topics to tweet about. Thanks for reading, highlights are below.