Undisputed Champions of SEA, Faceless: mid-year report by Sheen Sah

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Image courtesy of www.thescoreesports.com /

Team Faceless is a great example of a big fish in a small pond. To be more accurate, let’s call them a medium fish in a tiny pond. Faceless made money every month they’ve competed with the exception of February. No one else from their region comes close to that, which is why Team Faceless are champions of SEA.

First Quarter, 2017

January began with the Dota Pit League and TF fell to the finalists, OG. The loss earned the club $25,000. Though no money was made in February, Faceless won the DAC 2017 Qualifier for SEA to setup some earning for April. In March, Faceless claimed their first semi-significant title  at the Mr. Cat Invitational Season 2 (a $15,000 victory).

Q2, Clutch Gamers proves Faceless are champions of SEA at EPICENTER

Twelve teams went to DAC 2017 in April. Of the 12, Faceless tied for 7-8th with an upset victory over TL in the opening round of the Main Event. EG swept TF leaving Faceless with $18,000.

The end of April was highly prosperous for Team Faceless, though viewers would likely criticize the team. It’s important to note that TF improved at the Kiev Major compared to the Boston Major at the end of 2016. TF tied for dead last in Boston, and made it one round deeper in Kiev by defeating TNC Pro Team. OG, Kiev Major winners, eliminated Faceless again. This time TF earned $125,000 for the loss. They were reverse swept, and nearly made Top 4 in Kiev.

Clutch Gamers took EPICENTER away from Faceless, stirring up questions regarding who rules SEA because they beat Faceless twice. Fans got their answer. All of the Clutch Gamers hype was nonsense.

Faceless made the Top 4 in Manila, but Team NP kept them from getting anything greater. Highlights to Team NP’s reverse sweep are below.

Grade: B

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