Forev joins Digital Chaos as offlaner as BuLba moves to support; DeMoN dropped

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Earlier Today, Digital Chaos announced via Twitter that BuLba moves to support and Forev will be the offlaner for the upcoming TI7 season subsequently dropping DeMoN from the team.

Digital Chaos had a disappointing run at The Kiev Major as they lost to VG J in the first round of the Playoffs thereby getting eliminated. Bulba, as an offlaner gave a lackluster performance throughout the tournament. This forced their hand as they fired Demon and moved Bulba to the support position. Forev filled the vacant offlaner position.

After leaving TNC, DeMoN started Team Onyx alongside BuLba and mason. The team met the expectations by qualifying for The Kiev Major. His experience to lead a young team is remarkable. Although he is a free agent for now, it is most likely that he is going to join a team as a coach if he doesn’t find a roster for The International.

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Before the major, B)ears disbanded as they failed to qualify leaving Forev with no team for TI7. With just over a week remaining for TI7 registrations, DeMoN was dropped and Forev was signed.  With two 9K MMR players in the team, they certainly have a chance to qualify for The International 2017. It is very likely that the team is going to get a direct invite to the North American Regional Qualifiers based on their performance in The Kiev Major.

With a long list of premier LAN events lined up, it will be interesting to see how DC is going to perform.

Digital Chaos Current Roster

The team is going to debut the new roster against Infamous in The Summit 7 American Qualifiers.

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