Here’s Why Dota 2 Arcanas Isn’t Coming Until 2024

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Dota 2 developer Valve announced on Nov. 20 the return of the Frostivus event. While players were excited for the return of the holiday-themed event, players were treated to some not-so exciting information regarding a highly anticipated update. Arcanas isn’t coming in 2023, nor do we have a firm release date other than 2024.

“After nearly a year of coordination and production, the multi-week, arena-sized monster that is The International 2023 has come to an exciting close. We’ve locked up Climate Pledge Arena, we’ve all seen enough of Spirit Breaker, and we’ve just shipped Gameplay Update 7.34e. Time for the Dota team to settle down for a long winter’s nap, and… But hark! What’s that sound in the festive distance? No, that jingling of sleigh bells you hear isn’t early onset tinnitus. It’s the magical year-end event we call Frostivus — looming large on the December calendar, and arriving with a sack stuffed to bursting with new features, new cosmetics, and some surprises,” Valve said in the news post.

In the next paragraph, Valve dropped some unfortunate news regarding Arcanas.

Here’s Why Dota 2 Arcanas Isn’t Coming Until 2024

“All cards on the table, the event surrounding the Arcanas this year has gained a few more moving parts than we initially planned. Enough that we haven’t finished everything yet, and won’t this year, but we’re looking forward to releasing it in the next few months,” Valve said.

So, for Dota 2 fans, if we’re going to make assumptions based on the “next few months” time frame, hopefully we’re looking at Q1 2024 at the latest. If it gets into Q2, hopefully it’s early on in April.

The Arcanas event is one of the most anticipated and players want it as soon as possible.

Stay tuned for more information regarding Arcanas as we head into Frostivus and the new year.