The post Kiev Major Shuffle Mega Thread

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Valve announced today that the post Kiev Major shuffle period has started with the drop deadline being May 16, 2017,12:00 AM PDT and the add deadline being May 24, 2017, 12:00 AM. Let us take a look at the situation of the teams in each region.


Many teams which haven’t had a chance to participate in the Kiev Major have already announced some roster changes, notably Team NP.

Team NP

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1437/Rose had already confirmed on his stream that he and Avery ‘SVG’ Silverman were kicked out of the team by captain EternalEnvy after they failed to qualify for the Kiev Major from the North American Division. MSS, Team NP’s offlaner has already mentioned that EternalEnvy is going to move to his comfort zone as a carry and Aui2000 is going to move to a support role. Therefore, Team NP need to fill in the Number 2 and 5 positions.

Update: FATA~ joins in as the Mid while Pieliedie joins from Team Secret as the support.

Team Freedom

It was also announced on Team Freedom’s Twitter page that it is going to take a one year hiatus

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from Professional Dota.

Evil Geniuses

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Evil Geniuses captain, Cr1t has confirmed on his twitch stream that they are not going to have any roster changes and the team is going to stay intact for the upcoming TI7.

Update: Confirmed by EG’s manager on Twitter that the roster is locked.

Team Complexity

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Complexity Gaming has also announced that 747 and zfreek will be leaving due to the team’s inconsistent performance and the lack of synergy among the team members.

The manager said:

"“While we didn’t reach the level of success we were looking for with this lineup, I can truly say it has been a great experience working with both Jaron and Eric. The team worked hard and had a consistently positive environment, even after tough losses. We are sad to say goodbye to two friends, but we would also like to thank them for their hard work and ongoing support.Looking at the future, we’re going to be evaluating our options for the TI7 roster lock. We’re not going to rush into this, so we appreciate your support and patience during this process.”"

Update: 747 will be replaced by Feero and zfreek joins back. Swindle moves to position 3 and Vlad will be joining the team as number 5.

SG e-sports

SG e-sports
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Kiev Major surprise package SG e-sports’ captain C4t declared that there would be no roster changes and the team would be sticking together on his stream AMA.


Team Secret

Pieliedie leaves for Team NP as YapzOr replaces him in the roaming support role. Puppey returns to the number 5 support role.


B)ears, a team that was formed for the Kiev Major was confirmed to be disbanded after they failed

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to qualify for the tournament from a packed European Division. It was confirmed by Forev on his Twitch chat when he was asked by a viewer.

B)ears is the only team in Europe to announce a roster change or disband and we here at DireDota are expecting that more changes are going to come soon.

 Team Singularity

Team Singularity have announced an all-Polish roster consisting of Exotic_Deer, Nisha, Patos, eL LisaH, kacor.


Na’Vi has anounced that rmN would be leaving and former player SoNNeiKo will rejoin the team in the support role.


Virtus.Pro’s coach, Artstyle has recently revealed in an interview with cybersport that the team won’t disband anytime soon and they will be sticking together for TI7. For a rough translation of the interview, see here.

Double Dimension

CIS team Double Dimension revealed their squad on their official VK page. The roster includes iLTW, UnderShock, Funn1k, Misha and muriel.

Ninjas in Pyjamas

NiP has revealed on their official website that Synderen has left the team only to be replaced by iNsania.


Team Random(ex-Wings Gaming)

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The Chinese Dota scene has seen a shocker this week as it was announced by Jack ‘KBBQ‘ Chen that TI6 champions, Team Random(ex-Wings Gaming) are going to disband with four players going into retirement.

Update: As of now, there is no confirmation that the players are going to retire but Team Random’s weibo page has announced that the team is going to take a half-month break from professional Dota.

Vici Gaming

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Vici Gaming hasn’t had a successful time in the recent past as they have announced a change to their roster yet again. ChuaN replaces DDC as Vici Gaming’s support player.

LGD.Forever Young

DDC, who left Vici Gaming after his contract expired has announced that he would be playing with LGD.Forever Young on loan from Newbee.Boss for the remainder of this season.

Update: Inflame and Ahfu replace Jixing and lpc.

You can read the post on Weibo here. The post is in Chinese though.


Kaka stated on his stream that Newbee would be making no changes and would stick with its Kiev Major squad for TI7.



WarriorsGaming.Unity is the only team that has announced a roster change from the SEA region as Ahjit and Ahfu would be leaving the team. The team would be back with a brand new roster for the upcoming  TI7.


Fanatic’s manager Eric ‘ReiNNNN’ Khor has announced that the team won’t be making any changes for the upcoming tournaments till TI7.

That is it for now, but stay tuned to DireDota as more changes are expected with teams gearing up for the International Dota 2 Championships 2017.

A big shout out to Reddit for the information!