Dota 2 TI6 News: Main Event Results and Highlights (Day 3)

Results Reported Live and highlights for your pleasure.
Results Reported Live and highlights for your pleasure. /

The Upper Bracket finalists for TI6 will be determined today, and the Grand Finals are soon to follow. Catch the live results and highlights here.

Team OG, who walked into this tournament as one of the three teams most favored to take the tournament, was ejected yesterday after losing two rounds straight. What’s more, they lost 2 – 0 to TNC, a team that almost didn’t make it due to visa troubles.

What Jimmy tells himself at the start of every day of TI6.
What Jimmy tells himself at the start of every day of TI6. /

Looks like the dreams of Jimmy “DeMoN” Ho have a chance of being realized. Go get ’em, Jimmy!

Then there was the Upper Bracket game that pitted EG and Newbee together. Suma1l played legendary grade DotA in both these games, racking up 15 kills the first game as Storm Spirit and 18 kills the second game as Timbersaw.

Of the two, I highly recommend you at least watch the second game. In addition to Suma1l’s performance, Zai also had some awesome plays, and his escape juke against Sandking (Kpii) literally made me leap out of my chair.

For more on the results of yesterday and highlights of the matches, check out yesterday’s article here.

Match Schedule

  • Lower Bracket Round 2: Alliance vs Fnatic; Newbee vs Liquid
  • Upper Bracket Semifinals: MVP vs Wings; Ehome vs EG

Players will move into the next round of games shortly after games finish. If you’re anything like me and have spent dozens of hours over the past week watching DotA, you may want to take a few laps around the room to get the blood a-pumpin’.

The TI6 broadcast kicks off at 10 AM PDT and the first game gets started soon after at 10:30 AM PDT.

Post and Viewing Details

I’ll be updating these results as the games conclude. Highlights clips will also be added to this post as soon as they are available.

You can watch the live stream of the action on one of the many channels out there. Here are the links to the English live stream 1, stream 2, and stream 3. If you prefer your stream in other languages, those can be found here.

Lower Bracket Live Results and Highlights

Alliance vs Fnatic: 0 : 2


Newbee vs Liquid: 1 : 2

Highlights: Game 2 at 14:15, game 3 at 20:00.

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Upper Bracket Live Results and Highlights

MVP vs Wings: 0 : 2

Highlights: Game 2 at 8:50.

Ehome vs EG: 0 : 2


Only 3 Days Remain

The intensity continues to build as we approach the final day of the Main Event, which concludes this Saturday, August 13th. Keep checking back with us here for more TI6 news.