Dota 2 TI6 News: Main Event Results and Highlights (Day 2)

Four days remain until the grand finals. until then, the main event continues.
Four days remain until the grand finals. until then, the main event continues. /

Day 1 of the Main Event of TI6 ended with one of the big dogs (OG) sent to the lower bracket. What lies in store for DotA on Day 2? Live results and highlights here.

Many tears were shed over the teams that didn’t make it through the first round of losses and their subsequent disqualifications. TNC eliminated VG.R, LGD beat Secret, Fnatic dispatched Escape, and Navi got washed out by Liquid.

Words straight from my heart.
Words straight from my heart. /

I’m particularly bummed about Navi not making it farther. Beyond being a crowd favorite, I thought they performed better than Liquid in the Group Stage.

Well, that and I’ve never really been a big fan of Liquid. I respect their lineup, but never really connected with them the way I did Navi.

Of the four matches scheduled, I’m most excited for the ones in the lower bracket. There’s been so much drama already around TNC with the visas, what a great surprise it would be if they turned out to be serious contenders, especially since OG was favored at the start of TI6 to take the title.

The other lower bracket match has DC playing against LGD, and I really think that game will be nasty. DC has been solid all through the group stage, and LGD knows that this is their moment to snatch some glory.

Match Schedule

  • Upper Bracket Quarter Finals: Ehome vs Alliance; EG vs Newbee
  • Lower Bracket Round 2: OG vs TNC; DC vs LGD

As games finish, the next in the series will begin as soon as players are ready. You won’t have much time in between games, so make those minutes count.

The TI6 broadcast begins at 10 AM PDT, but if you’re only interested in the games, those are scheduled to begin at 10:30 AM PDT.

Post and Viewing Details

I’ll be updating these results as the games conclude. Highlights clips will also be added to this post as soon as they are available.

You can watch the live stream of the action on one of the many multi-lingual channels out there. Here are the links to the English live stream 1, stream 2, and stream 3. If you prefer your stream in other languages, those can be found here.

Upper Bracket Live Results and Highlights

Ehome vs Alliance: 2 : 0


EG vs Newbee: 2 : 0


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Lower Bracket Live Results and Highlights

OG vs TNC: 0 : 2


DC vs LGD: 2 : 0


The Legend Continues

Much like your favorite Kung Fu flick, you can pretty much expect the action from here on out to intensify. We’ll be bringing you the best games, tracking the live results, updating news, and posting the highlights.