Pokemon Unite gets its first January 2023 Patch – Dire Dota

Pokemon Unite finally gets its first patch note of January 2023 on the last day of January. Players around the world who anticipated upcoming updates can now rest for a while, as the patch has made changes to the shop, added some events, and much more.

Pokemon Unite is a Multiplayer Online Battle Arena video game developed by TiMi Studio Group and published by The Pokémon Company for Android and iOS and by Nintendo for the Nintendo Switch

Pokemon Unite: 1.8.16 patch notes

Balance Changes


Earlier the Sableye was criticized for the overwhelming power of Shadow Sneak for hiding in stealth mode. Now, Sableye’s powers are weakened to give other characters a chance to strike back or respond at their pace.


Prior to the patch, the power of Urshifu was given overpowered single-strike style abilities like Ebon’s fist or Wicked Blow. Now both powers and efficiency have to seem to be deprived. The Wicked Blow is nerfed by 10% while the Ebon’s fist by 25%.

Actually, the patch has not just nerfed the hero in some sense, but also added some enhancements to Urshifu. The Rapid strike attack like Boosted basic attack’s duration is increased to 2 seconds from 1 second. Meanwhile, the surging strikes cooldown period is loosened to 11 seconds from 13 seconds.


Same as the Urshifu, Scizor too is patched. His sword attack is nerfed increasing the cooldown period to 6 seconds and the attack increase to 12%.

Balance adjustments to other heroes

Scyther’s mobility was seen as too strong, now these powers are balanced. The same goes true for Mr. Mime (Damage deal reduction by 15%), Clefable (now hitpoints can be restored by an increased 15%), Hoopa (cooldown reduced by 2 seconds from 12 to 10), and Dragapult (damage dealing powers are reduced).

In Final words

Overall, the patch was focused on bringing balance changes to the game. Such changes indeed play an vital role in deciding the smooth gameplay and entertainment for users.