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Earthshaker is a strength class melee attack type hero in the popular game Dota 2. He is well recognized for his ability to disrupt enemies with his chain stuns. Earthshaker is best suited for Initiating attacks, however, he can be played in many roles likewise; Disabler, Support, or Nuker.

In order to keep up with the might of the hero, one must go thoroughly towards the abilities.  But we don’t want to go through the lengthy articles to get familiar with his abilities. And therefore here is a quick guide to doing so.

Dota 2: Abilities of Earthshaker


Fissure is a point target ability of the hero that creates an impassable fissure between the roads. No enemy can pass this fissure, and will need to come along the other way to attack the hero. This ability is useful in gaining control over a place in the game.

The shard ability upgrade enables the hero to reduce fissure cooldown time, and also to walk on the fissures.

Enchant Totem

The Enchant Totem ability enables the totem of the Earthshaker to deal higher damage and get 75 bonus attack points for the latter attack.

The sceptor ability upgrade of enchant totem makes the hero jump high and slam the totem on a unit, dealing incredible damage.


When the hero casts this ability, the earth goes on shaking, adding damage to the enemy units on the field.

Echo Slam

The ability damages the nearby enemy units and creeps by the medium of the waves. The waves travel through the ground and hit the enemy, causing destruction to their health bar.

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The official recitation of Earthshaker by the Valve Corporation is as follows

"Whether blocking an enemy’s escape, dividing their forces, or shattering the ground beneath gathered foes, Earthshaker is at his best when he strikes without warning. Whatever survives the aftershocks still has a swing from his mighty totem to look forward to."