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The Grimstroke is an intelligence class hero in Dota 2, belonging to raged attack type. Grimstroke is well-known for its incredible powers of disabling enemy heroes. He can be played in a number of roles, but most preferential roles are Support, Nuker, Disabler, or even escape hero.

Let us get familiar with the abilities of the hero Grimstroke.

Dota 2 – Abilities of Grimstroke

Stroke of Fate

Stroke of Fate is a magical ability that allows the hero to paint a path for ink, damaging all units on ink and slowing down their speed. A direct hit by ink increases the damage of the ability.

Phantom’s Embrace

Phantom’s Embrace is an enemy affecting magical damage in which a phantom is summoned. The summoned phantom is stuck to the enemy, dealing damage and also silencing the victim.

In the case of the victim who survived all phantoms attacks, she deals last heavy damage.

Ink Swell

Ink Swell’s ability surrounds the hero with sacred ink that increases the movement speed of the hero. The tendrils of the hero keep on damaging the enemy unit.

Soul Bind

Soul Bind is a unit targeting ability that binds the two nearby enemy heroes into the string of ink. The caught heroes are unable to move and the phantoms keep on attacking them.

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The official narration of the Grimstroke hero by Valve Corporation is as follows

"Skilled at manipulating battle from the outskirts, Grimstroke studies every movement and assesses each line, deciding when to emerge from inky darkness to disable his victims and bind them together with a swipe of his brush. He delights in unleashing phantom thralls to vex opponents, as he carefully considers how to dispatch multiple enemies with one fateful stroke."