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Dragon Knight is a strength class hero in Dota 2, notable for his transforming ability. The ability enables him to transform himself into a formidable dragon.

If we carefully observe the abilities of Dragon Knight, the conclusion can be to use it in several places. The hero is very well formed for Carry, Disabler, Nuker, Pusher, Durable, and the Initiator role. Therefore the hero is a perfect match for selecting the team.

Abilities of Dragon Knight

Breathe Fire

Breathe Fire shoots the ball of fire towards the enemy units that not just deals the damage to them, but also reduced the effectivity of the attack they do.

Dragon Tail

Dragon Tail strike the enemies with a firm blow using the shiled it summons on using the ability. The ability deals some minor damage and also stunns them.

Dragon Armour

The Dragon Armour is an passive ability of Dragon Knight that allows the hero to refill its health bar and also strengthen the armour it possesss.

Elder Dragon Form

Elder Dragon is self transforming ability of the esteemed hero. Level 1 of the ability is a green dragon. And the next level of the elder dragon is the Level 2 Red Dragon. While the strongest among all is level 3 Blue Dragon.

  • Green Dragon: Corrosive Breath: attacks deal 20.0 poison damage per second for 5.0 seconds. Works on structures.
  • Red Dragon: Splash Attack: attacks damage all enemy units in a 350.0 radius for 75.0% damage, with Corrosive Breath added to the targets.
  • Blue Dragon – Frost Breath: slows movement speed by -40.0% and attack speed by -40.0 of enemy units in Splash Attack range for 3.0 seconds, with Corrosive Breath added to the targets.

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Valve Corporation, the developers of Dragon Knight has narrated the incredible hero in this way

"When he takes on his terrifying dragon form, Dragon Knight strikes fear into any who face him. Strong and adaptable, he can stun his enemies and burn all in front of him, often providing his allies the momentum they need to carry them to victory."

The Elder Dragon can be counted as the ultimate power of the hero. The ability has made his way into the list of most used hero.