Dota 2 – here is a bright guide on the abilities of Doom

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Doom is a strength-class playable hero in Dota 2 belonging to the attack type of melee. After analyzing his powers, the hero can be played in various roles like Initiator, durable, or nuker as well. Doom is well known for his ability to prevent an enemy unit from using his abilities.

Here is a quick and incredible guide to the abilities of Doom. Let us get started.

Dota 2- Doom abilities and more


Devour is a unit ingesting ability that absorbs the enemy or the neutral creeps, taking its special powers (if it possessed any) and health while it digests it.

Scorched Earth

Scorched Earth is an ultimate power that lights up the land that keeps on damaging the hitpoints of the enemies. The scorched land also grants the hero additional movement speed.

Infernal Blade

The Doom summons the burning blade that hits enemies with enhanced power. The target gets ignited that stuns them and also damages their hitpoints. The shard ability upgrade increases the stunned timing.


Doom has an ultimate ability which is also named Doom. The doom casts a cursed spell that disables the creeps and units from using their special powers. It is the ability that makes the hero very well formidable.

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Valve corporation officially describes the hero Doom as given below

"One way or another, Doom shuts down his enemies. Devouring creeps to claim the various skills they had in life, he can place a lingering silence upon a foe’s spells and items with his ultimate as he torches his foes."

Doom is the best match because of the special abilities like the Doom. The doom stuns the enemies, while the Infenal blade deals a huge amount of damage.