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Death Prophet is a death army summoning hero belonging to the Intelligence class and ranged attack type. She is considered a good choice as a nuker, disabler, or carry, but in most cases, she is used as a Pusher role.

Here is a fast and bright guide on the abilities of the Death Prophet

Dota 2 – Death Prophet abilities

Crypt Swarm

Crypt Swarm is a magical type ability that sends an army of bats toward the enemy units, dealing damage with shots. The shard ability increases the effectivity by 1.0 units and causes fear for 1.5 seconds.


Silence is also a magical ability that shoots out a wave of projectile aura, that silences the enemy. Silence in the sense that the affected heroes cannot use any spells till the ability is in on the field.

Spirit Siphon

Spirit Siphon is a life-reviving ability that creates a link between the health of enemies and ours. It keeps on draining the health of leading enemy units and summons it into itself. This ability can also be called a match-reviving ability.


Exorcism is the ultimate physical damage-dealing ability that summons the spirits. The spirits are loyal and assist her in dealing damage to front units. The shard ability upgrade will hit the enemy and grant additional bonuses.

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Death Prophet, a hero that summons the army of the dead to assist – is narrated by Dota 2 in this way

"When she unleashes her army of ghosts, Death Prophet excels at demolishing enemies and their defenses alike. Leading her team’s forces toward the enemy base with wave after damaging wave from her swarm, her onslaught can seem unstoppable."

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Death Prophet is a reliable hero that can be used in team matches. Her abilities surely will add some input to the efforts of the team.