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The Disruptor is an Intelligence class ranged attack type hero in Dota 2. He is well known for his ability in trapping enemy units in static form. Disruptor is a reliable hero mostly played in forms like a disabler or support hero.

Here is a quick guide on the abilities of Disruptor Hero.

Dota 2 – Disruptor and his abilities

Thunder Strike

Thunder strike summons the globe of lightning that keeps on hitting the enemy with lightning. However, each new attack of lightning reduced its sphere’s ability. The ability slows down enemies by 100% for 0.1 seconds.


Glimpse is indeed the glimpse that shows the target its location where it was 4 seconds ago. In short, it teleports it where it was 4 seconds before.

Kinetic Force

Another science fictional power that creates a strong impenetrable ring of kinetic energy. The ring is created around the target and the unit cant trespass on it.

Static Storm

The static storm is a magical ability that summons the storm of some kind of aura that silences all the enemies in the field of range. The storm not just silences the, but also damages them increasing power over the time.

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The official narration of the Disruptor hero by Dota 2 developer, Valve Corporation is as follows:

"Disruptor excels at shattering the plans of his enemies. Summoning impassable fences to trap targets as he calls down a silencing storm, should a foe attempt something unexpected he simply teleports them back to their earlier location."

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Although the guide is given, players are advised to test them with their efforts to get to know the ground realities.