Dota 2 reportedly Generated $293 Million from Battle Pass

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According to Dota 2 developers – Valve Corporation, the game has generated approximately around $300 million in revenue from its Battle Pass feature. The Battle Pass is a seasonal event that allows players to purchase a pass to access new in-game items, challenges, and rewards.

Dota 2 Battle Pass made $292 Million

Valve’s decision to split the Dota 2 Battle Pass into two parts and spread the content out over a five-month period in 2022 seems to have been a successful one. As per reports by Team Secret and STRATZ, the paid content generated an impressive $293,024,922 between September 1st and January 12th.

This shows that the changes made to the Battle Pass system have been well-received by the community and have increased the overall revenue generated by the game. The revenue generated by the Battle Pass goes towards prize pools for Dota 2’s professional tournaments. This is a significant increase compared to the past years, and it is likely to increase in the future as well.

Clash from community

Even though the decision of Valve Corporation to Battle Pass has made good revenue generation, still the community discussions have criticized Dota 2 for the allocation of prizes in competitive scenes.

In this sense, a Twitter handle of Ricky replied the thread to increase DPC support by just 1.3% of the revenue.

In one way, the demand from the community is indeed correct, meanwhile, there is no response from Valve in this context. Still, the game is likely to work on it.