Dota 2 – Chaos Knight hero, abilities and more

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Chaos Knight is a melee attack-type strength class hero in Dota 2, popular for his target damage and control. He is a durable hero, which can be played in various roles; Disabler, Initiator, and carry hero as well.

When one wants to dominate the course of the war on the field, he/she must look into the matters of abilities that the hero is capable of. Here is a quick guide on the abilities of Chaos.

Dota 2: Abilities of Choas Knight

Chaos Bolt

It is a magical ability, in which the hero enables himself to throw a bolt of thunder toward the target. The victim of the attack keeps on taking random damage over the time period.

Rift Reality

The game has many physics theories stuffed into it. In this ability the Knight is able to bend the fabric of time reality and teleport near the enemy location, giving them a deadly blow.

Chaos Strike

Chaos strike is the Knight’s passive ability, which allows for a chance to deal bonus damage and critical strikes on each attack.


The ultimate ability and power lie here. Knight summons several numbers of Phantasm to assist him in action. Officially they say, Phantasm is summoned from another dimension.  They are not just illusions, but also attack dealers.

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This is how the Valve Corporation sketches the Choas.

"Chaos Knight is an army unto himself. Able to summon a cavalry of clones to demolish enemy defenses, should an enemy present itself, he can rift reality to pull him and his phantasms close enough to rain brutal cudgel blows upon their head."

Chaos Knight is a formidable hero, making him a choice for many players. Though it can be played in many roles, it is best suited for initiating fights or disrupting enemy strategies.