OG heading into TI7: back in form with Top 4 finish, or nah?

Image courtesy of imgur.com/user/OliverGilbert
Image courtesy of imgur.com/user/OliverGilbert /

OG played outstandingly throughout the beginning of 2017; they’ve been less than outstanding since winning their second consecutive major in April 2017. Are they back in form yet? Let’s see.

OG’s run dates even further back than many analysts like to mention. Because TNC Pro Team swept OG out of TI6 (leaving OG tied for 9th-12th Place), many Dota 2 fans forget that OG won the Manila Major beforehand. Since June of 2016, OG has taken 1st Place in three out of the last four Valve Majors. We’ll see what happens in August 2017, when OG tries to make it four out of five by winning TI7.

OG: back in form, or nah?

May, June, and July of 2017 have been a rough patch for OG. In May, OG flew to Manila for the Masters and got reverse-swept by the (now disbanded) Faceless men in the losers’ quarterfinals.

In June, OG visited Moscow for EPICENTER 2017; they failed to make the playoffs, going 1-3 in the group stage. And in July, OG looked good during the Mars Dota 2 League. They took 1st Place in group stage with a 71% win rate. Somehow that group stage dominance translated into a 4th Place finish and less than $20,000 in winnings out of a possible $100,000+.

OG might take care of business in Seattle. I really wouldn’t put it past the guys. But if I’m being perfectly honest, they’re defeatable these days. Losing three consecutive games to LGD Gaming is worrisome, and that was before Newbee sent them home with a 2-0 sweep.

There’s one big advantage OG has over most of the TI7 competitors: big game experience. They come alive when the pressure is biggest, and many teams at TI7 will fear the moment.

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