Team Faceless disbands after failure at TI7 SEA Qualifier

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Team Faceless disbands and is no more. It’s true, despite a largely successful run together since forming in September of 2016. I found out about this while celebrating Independence Day, which I found ironic given these players abandoned their union to each other. I needed some time away from SEA Dota to let this sink in because terminating the team was a mistake. They quit.

Team Faceless disbands, gaining independence on Independence Day

There’s no telling why this happened, and I’m disappointed to hear this news. I enjoyed rooting for TF throughout their 10 months together. Undoubtedly, their time together wasn’t wasted. Team Faceless’s total earnings exceeded $250,000 in less than one year. However, they didn’t win any premier tournaments. Perhaps frustrations mounted regarding international play, but Rome wasn’t built in a day. Why would Team Faceless put so much pressure on themselves?

Faceless reached the pinnacle of SEA quite quickly. Team Faceless is a victim of being ready for success, too ready. They were so ready for success, which had apparently been strictly defined as participating in The International 7, that failing to do so was the last straw.

Team Faceless disbands: a look into TF’s final stretch of play

At the Kiev Major, Team Faceless met TNC Pro Team to begin the Main Event. The series was a close 2-1 victory for Faceless. OG was the next opponent, and Faceless took Game 1 before losing 2-1. OG won the tournament, so there’s not much to be disappointed about here.

The EPICENTER 2017 SEA Qualifier was where things got sketchy for TF. Faceless met Clutch Gamers in the winners’ finals and lost 2-0. Appearing unscathed by the loss, TF swept Mineski to rematch Clutch Gamers in the grand finals. However, CG defeated Faceless again. CG 2-1 TF, highlights are below.

What do you think? Was disbanding a good move by the Faceless men? It’s certainly not what the faceless men of asoiaf would have done. For that reason, I lose respect. Reach out on Twitter and share your thoughts. Visit #LetsTalkDota for daily topics to tweet about.