TI7: Which of the invited teams is most vulnerable?

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Which of the teams invited to TI7 is most vulnerable to their competitors? I’ll give you three examples. Each of the teams I mention has blips on their record which aren’t to be overlooked. I’m talking about OG (winners of the last two Valve Majors), Newbee (finalist of the Manila Masters and winners of the ZOTAC Cup Masters), and Invictus Gaming (winners of the Dota 2 Asia Championships 2017).

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We have the nominees, but which is MOST vulnerable?

We begin with OG. They missed the Top 4 of their last two events. For most teams this wouldn’t be too alarming, but OG is very picky about which tournaments they participate in. Therefore, when OG comes up short they do so at significant events. That’s not good. They missed the playoffs of EPICENTER altogether. A 2-1 loss to Team Faceless sent OG home from Manila in 5-6th Place. EPICENTER 2017 was no better for the Kiev Major winners. A 1-3 group stage record ensured OG missed the playoff stage.

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Image courtesy of dotawallpaper.org /

Newbee is hit or miss. They missed EPICENTER 2017 and the Dota Summit 7 with 5-6th Place finishes in both qualifiers. Things have looked up since then, as Newbee won the ZOTAC Cup Masters over Team NP and Galaxy Battles over Planet Odd. Needless to say, China > NA. However, there’s no telling which version of Newbee will show up in August. It’s about time for Newbee to slip up. I haven’t forgotten the dead last finish in Kiev.

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Image courtesy of dotawallpaper.org /

April was a good month for Invictus Gaming, but since then they’ve looked spotty. iG didn’t show their best colors in Manila, nor did they do so at EPICENTER 2017. They’ve been a little MIA since then. Maybe they’re getting things together. Maybe not, only time will tell. I’ll give Invictus Gaming some credit; they don’t shy away from big moments.

Which of the three do I consider most vulnerable? OG. Teams are probably preparing for OG more than other teams. I doubt the TI7 competitors want to see OG cash out big as they have twice December 2016. Not to mention, their form is dipping simultaneously.

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