2017 is still a success for Faceless despite TI7 failure

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Team Faceless has experienced some unexpected hardships throughout the end of spring 2017. I’m here to tell you that this year is still a success. TF has done some things that many other SEA teams haven’t come close to this year, particularly Clutch Gamers.

2017 for the Faceless men: still a success

Winning the Mr. Cat Invitational Season 2 was a big deal back in February. The new SEA team beat out TNC Pro Team and Execration (two winners of the recent TI7 SEA Qualifier).

In April, Faceless forced Team Liquid into a dead last finish at the Dota 2 Asia Championships. The lower bracket round 1 series ended TF 1-0 TL. Evil Geniuses was the next opponent, and they proved too strong for Faceless.

At the Kiev Major Faceless took down TNC Pro Team by two games to one. This win put TF head-to-head with OG (the eventual tournament winners). Faceless won Game 1 convincingly before OG pulled out brooms. The 1-2 loss to OG in Kiev shouldn’t be overlooked; OG swept Evil Geniuses the next day.

At the end of May 2017, Faceless earned a Top 4 finish at the Manila Masters. Team NP got the best of them by two games to one, though Faceless won Game 1. Manila was also important for TF because they met Clutch Gamers in an elimination match and swept them. This sweep was convincing. CG barely lasted 30 minutes against Faceless in both games. Afterward, Faceless reverse-broomed OG. TF got revenge from the reverse sweep they allowed at the Kiev Major.

2017 has had ups and downs for Faceless, but it’s still a success for the SEA up-and-comers. We certainly haven’t seen the last of them. Despite placing sixth at the TI7 SEA Qualifier, Faceless will be back. I admit I was wrong about something. TF is now disputed.

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