ACE (Association for Chinese Esports) bans former Wings players for life

Team Random roster
Team Random roster /

Association for Chinese Esports(ACE) issued a lifetime ban on former Wings Players. The TI6 winning roster has been banned from participating in any tournament other than a Valve event.

The TI6 winning roster featuring shadow, bLink, Faith_bian, y` and iceice has been prohibited from participating in any tournament in mainland China. According to this post from iceice on wiebo, the ban effectively forbids them to sign with any organisation or practice with them in China.

ICEICE wiebo

The post titled “Shameless Teammates” ,allegedly sent to the team by y`(according to shadow) exposes the issue. According to the post, the organisation seemingly had no trouble when they decided to form Team Random after leaving Wings. However on 5/13/2017, Wings approached ACE expressing discontent with the players not settling the contractual issues. Coincidentally y` approached Xie(Wings owner) to settle this issue. However, they needed approval from ACE to settle things peacefully. ACE however decided to punish the players by banning them for life. According to wiebo, LGD and IG owners played a crucial role in this decision.

Later, iceice followed this up with an email from y’ to ACE apologizing for their hasty decision to leave Wings and violating the terms. The email stated that y` and Faith_bian wanted to settle things peacefully, but the other team members disagreed to it. As a consequence, y` and Faith_bian left Team Random.

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Shadow wiebo

Subsequently, shadow posted on wiebo that post Kiev, he, iceice and bLink decided not to deal with Xie anymore. They decided to play together or split up for TI7 despite the consequences from ACE. However y` and Faith_bian were not ready for this and decided to team up with Xie to join EHOME. They threw the other three players under the bus in order to dodge ACE’s ban. As a consequence, Shadow painted y`’s acts as subhuman.

Famous Dota personalities expressed their outrage towards supreme dominance of ACE in Chinese Dota 2 scene.

Disclaimer: The exact details of the ban nor the official statement regarding this issue haven’t been released yet. This article is based on Wiebo posts from iceice and shadow. Stay tuned for updates regarding this issue.